Betta Fish Breeding Method and Secrets

Thinking of breeding your betta fish? Well then, you should also prepare yourself because this process will require a lot of time, effort, space and even money. But its all in all a simple task that can be done at home, but of course with your close supervision.

Firstly, you must learn to distinguish a male betta from a female one. To make it easier, males’ fins are much longer than that of females’.

Looking for a female betta is not easy, because only few stores sells them. Once you already have a female and a male one, they shouldn’t be kept in one same tank, while conditioning the fish for breeding. When preparing for the mating tank, you should take note that it requires a certain temperature-around eighty degrees. You can also wash the tank with hot water if you like, however, do no use soap. You will also need a heater between 80-82 degrees.

Then you should start feeding the betta with high quality food for two weeks. But do not overfeed them, as this will eventually make the water dirty and you will have to change and clean it more often than necessary.

Put the male betta first, letting him get acquainted inside the breeding tank. When putting the female in the water together with the male, expect roughness and aggressiveness as it is a normal part of their mating process. But if you feel that its too much already, remove the female and give it few days to recover. After that, they should start showing signs of wanting to mate. And if everything goes well, the female will then produce eggs. Afterwards, the male will take care of them and the female should be removed from the water afterwards, or the female will end up eating her own eggs.

After about two days the outer layers of the eggs will then release a fry. After hatching, the male should be removed from the tank .

Then, the babies will need to eat, and you’ll have to feed them for around five times a day. Then you’ll now have to put them in an outside pond, with no fish or anything that might eat the babies. In ten days or so, they should be able to eat some powdered food and later on, will show signs of sexuality. That should be the time to separate the males from each other before they fight against each other.

Females can stay together and there’s nothing to worry about it. Bettas really grow slow so that’s when you really need to be more patient. They are really tiny that it may take several weeks before you can even notice them with bare eyes. But soon after they start showing signs of free swimming, that means they are now ready to live on their own.

However you should still feed the babies with live brine shrimp, followed by some powdered food. Don’t get disappointed if there might be some bruises or torn fins, that is normal especially for those whose is just first time to breed. Eventually, it will heal and they will get to have colorful fins, too.