Betta Fish Sick Potential Cures

Siamese fighting fish, or betta fish as they are also known, are some of the most popular home aquarium fish in the world. These fish are easy to care for, fun to watch and quite beautiful, as well. Betta fish sick issues do arise from time to time, however. Knowing how to spot and handle these problems can save a cherished fish.

While it’s not possible to cure every betta fish sick issue, sometimes intervention does work. The key in handling complications with sick betta is being able to spot them and then react. Some of the most common signs of issues with betta fish sick conditions include listless movements, gasping for air, lying on the bottom of a tank or bowl or funny discoloration of the fish. A few simple steps might remedy them, but it is important to keep in mind that if betta gets sick, it might not be able to be resolved. Even with veterinary intervention, betta fish don’t have an incredibly long life expectancy.

So, there are three very easy things owners can try to help out. The first is likely the most important. They are:

Clean the environment
Many problems with sick betta are caused by poor bowl conditions. It is very important to keep the water clean and fresh to avoid betta sick troubles. If a sick fish is present, consider completely cleaning the bowl or aquarium. Change out the water, the gravel and so on. Make sure everything in the environment is as clean as possible and then remove the fish back in.

Warm up the water
Sometimes betta fish sick complications are caused by water that is too cold. Since most betta fish care kept in bowls where the water temperature isn’t regulated, this can be difficult to handle. Consider either adding a temperature control to the bowl or increasing room temperature. Remember, betta fish are born for warmer, fresh waters. Sometimes it’s nothing more than cold that’s causing betta fish sick troubles.

Check the food
Sometimes betta fish illnesses are caused by the food that is being fed. If this is suspected, check with a vet or pet store for alternatives. Sometimes it’s that simple to fix betta fish sick problems. It’s also possible that special medicine in the water might help treat sick betta. This can be found where foods are sold typically.

Betta fish are great pets. They rank up there with the goldfish in ease of care. But, if betta fish sick problems are present, the results can be disastrous. A few simple steps can help. They are worth trying.