Learn Betta Fish Tank Setup

Like any other pet’s living space, you must take some steps to setup bettas tank before you bring your bettas home. You need to follow a few steps to setup a healthy betta tank. The following are some essential tips for setting up the tank for your new betta fish.

Tip1 : Make sure that the tank is big enough for your fish. Tank should be able to hold at least 1-2 gallons of water. When your bettas swim in the tank, make sure they dont bump into sides and hurt their fins. Make sure the tanks has a good opening and is exposed to oxygen.

Tip2 : Have a cover to you betta tank, that does not mean that you should air tight cover the tank, instead use a porous/netted/ or cover with many minute holes on it. By having this kind of cover, your bettas will not jump out and die.

Tip3 : Water for your Bettas?: Aged water (Tap water that has been set out for twenty four hours) is what should be used. Do not use direct bottled water. If you use bottled water, you need to treat it. Bottled water may have chemicals in it. Most of our bottled drinking water contains chemicals but the steps below should easily take care of the problem.
– Since most local water is treated with chemicals you need to find out if it has been treated with chemicals named chloramines. Chemical chloramines can be treated with AmQuel. AmQuel is easily available in most pet stores.
– Its good to treat local tap water. Tap water should be treated with a product named “stress coat” which also easily available in your local pet store.
– Be sure to follow all the directions according to directions on the package. After treatment there is an ageing process that must take place. The directions on the packages will advise you how long that process should be. The ageing process allows all the chemicals and gases to evaporate. Most directions say after treatment of the water let it sit in an open container for about a week.

Tip4: – Avoid Metal Decorations – One important thing to remember when you are setting up a tank for your fish is to avoid metal decorations. Metal can cause serious problems for your betta, so you need to avoid it in your tank. Those metal tank decorations may look great, but they can actually kill your betta.

Tip5: Choose Right Plants: Plants have the natural property of cleaning the tank and they release oxygen. It good to have plants like Amazon Sword in the tank.

Tip6: Right Substrate: Choosing a good substrate for you betta tank is important. If you plan to have some active plants in your tank, choose a substrate which is both helpful for plants in the tank as well for fish. Colored substrates may look great but as time goes, paint may get peeled of from it and if your fish swallow it, it may harm them badly. Choose a natural substrate like pure sand. Its important to have substrate as fish lay eggs in them.

Tip7: Temperature of the aquarium should be around 28-30 deg celsius. Use temperature controlling devices.

Tip8: Betta is a meat/worm eater and likes live foods, such as brine shrimp the best. Frozen bloodworms are also a good choice for your meat eater. Most Betta fish will happily eat the Betta pellets sold at most pet stores. For a special treat every now and then you should offer some live food! Do feed you Betta with a lot of different variety fish food. You’ll have fun watching him eat it up!

Tip9: Provide Light – It is also important that you can provide your betta fish with enough light. so you may want to install a light in the tank if you feel they may need more light. Make sure that they get at least eight hours of good light each day. If you can place the aquarium in sunlight for a while, its greta. It is also important that you turn out the light at night so your fish can get some sleep as well.

Tip10: Tank Placement – If you do not have a light for your aquarium, make sure you place the tank where it will get plenty of light. You also need to make sure that you have an aquarium stand strong enough to take the weight of a full tank as well.