The Best Care Improves The Betta Fish Life Span

Betta Fish Life Span

A betta fish life span is about two to three years. The proper care will ensure that this fish has a long and healthy life. Like with other animals, it is important that they are cared for properly in terms of environment, nutrition, and mental stimulation. Unlike other fish, a betta fish prefers to live in a fishbowl without a filter.

These animals can breathe air in addition to water, so they can survive in a smaller bowl. A temperature of between seventy and eighty degrees Fahrenheit must be maintained. Water that is too hot or too cold can shorten the betta’s life. Do not place the bowl near a window, heat vent, or any appliances, since these can heat up the temperature of the water.

Most importantly, only keep one betta per fishbowl. Also known as “fighting fish,” these animals are highly territorial and will fight to the death if two males are kept together. betta fish life span betta fish life span Feeding him correctly is very important, and the right diet can lengthen the Betta Fish Life Span.

Pet stores carry specialty betta food, which is likely freeze-dried blood worms. Only feed the fish two to three times a day, and only give him as much food as he will eat in a minute or two. Feeding him too much will make him sick, and thus shorten his life. The bowl must be cleaned once a week, or when it begins to look cloudy. Allow the new water to sit for twenty-four hours before changing it. Tap water contains treatment chemicals that will dissipate if left sitting in an open contain for a day. Use a mild soap to wash the fishbowl, and be sure to rinse it thoroughly.

Keep the betta in a small bowl of his old water while the fishbowl is being cleaned. To give the betta fish some mental stimulation, hold a mirror up to his bowl. His gill coverings will expand, making him seem bigger. A snail or an African Dwarf Frog can be added as bowl mates.

However, a larger fishbowl is needed to accumulate these animals. Also consider adding a plant for the betta to hide behind. Proper care can improve the betta fish life span. Environment, nutrition, and mental stimulation will keep him thriving. Provide the best care for your betta!